Want To Visit Luxury Resorts One Year And Get Paid $120,000?

The leading luxury resort company throughout Mexico and Latin America give the world’s best job, which is essentially a paid year-long vacation across beautiful resorts in Mexico. Of course, you have to document your experience for social media.

If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life they say.

One-year salary of $120,000 USD plus travel expenses, dining credit, and resort accommodations.


Spend a year working at the best company

Get trained to be an ambassador for happiness and learn how to become a social influencer for luxury resorts company.

Your “office” locations are: Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Puerto Peñasco, and Puerto Vallarta.







Job Requirements

First off, you’ll need to relocate to some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico for a year. Next, it’s absolutely required that you experience all of luxury, art, culture, history, food, and entertainment.


A few things you’ll experience on the job:

VIP access at a primo DJ set

Ushering baby turtles into the ocean

Learning to salsa dance

Trying to sing just like a mariachi

A whale shark swim-alongSetting your alarm so you catch every sunset

Checking every resort pool to make sure the water temperature is *just right*

Learning new recipes from Michelin Star chefs

Naming all the blow-up pool animals

Experiencing golf the way Tiger Woods probably does

Having a pair of sunglasses for every occasion

Determining how many hours of poolside lounging is too many……….and many more


So, if you really want this job,  APPLY NOW!



Get yourself the only job in the world that all want.

                                                      Good luck!!!






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Hello Maja,
This post was a fun read and a boost to the adventures spirit in all of us. Getting paid good money to work in some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico for a year seems like something out a novel or a movie. But no, it’s the real thing. Thanks for sharing this gem of post.


Now this is certainly food for thought. I wish I was young and carefree again. Can I do this job with my family in tow? I certainly would consider it? Do I need to speak Spanish? Thanks for sharing and allowing me to live the moment of possibility for a few minutes, Maja.

Xavier Perez

Maja, thank you for this wonderful article. It seems to be the right fit for the right person. What an amazing opportunity. Just the thought itself is very tempting. If it were left up to me, I would have been first in line. But, reality sets in and well who know’s what’s in store for all of us for that matter. Again, Thank you Maja.


Have fun in Mexico. Yucatan are so amazing.


Have fun in Mexico. Yucatan are so amazing. Very nice people in Mexico.