Top 10 Beauty Tips For Beauty Skin From Obagi

We have a lot of tips about skin care and beauty on the Internet but how to find what’s the best for me?

Leader in Health Beauty Skin Care, Dr. Obagi, gave the top 10 tips for beauty skin.

His tips look simple but they are very valuable for beauty and healthy skin.


  1. Drink Water

Our biggest organ is skin. To maintain a nice skin, the essential factor is hydration. Water nourishes our cells, tissues, and organs and helps in hydrating the skin, reducing wrinkles and dryness.


  1. Sun protection – Sunscreen

compulsory daily use.  One of the best ways protection and help to your skin become healthy and youthful is the everyday use of sunscreen.

  1. Vitamin C

Take Vitamin C and think about benefits for your skin. Vitamin C contains antioxidants and can help defend against the visible signs of aging, help calm inflammation, retain moisture, and support the skin’s natural defenses against UV.


  1. Sleep enough

Lack of sleep can be a factor in developing under-eye bags. This may be a  good motivation to have enough sleep. Try sleeping 7-8 hours.


  1. Eat Vitamins

Maybe your new year’s decision was to eat healthily. Eating healthier is probably one of the most popular resolutions. So eat your vitamins whenever is possible.

6.Your Neck and Chest

Your neck and neck are important, do not forget the care that this part of your body. They are often exposed to the sun same as your face.


7. Invest in your skin care

If you invest in skin care at 30, 40 now at 50+ is a great time to find a skin care system that directly addresses the needs of your skin, whether you have fine lines, dry skin, dark spots….


  1. Smile often

Remember to laugh more and often. The smile spreads joy and gives the happy glow on your face.



9. Consider your choice of skin care system

Many skin care systems involve more steps – and using the whole system twice a day for the best results.



10. Ask your skin care doctor

Even if you don’t have a particular concern or have some questions check in with your skin care doctor.






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