Stomach Exercises For Women 50+

Ah, these exercises? After a hard day, who still has the desire to do exercises. If, after a busy day in the office, you still have to work at home like me,  who thinks of working out?

Do not think so, do stomach exercises!


The reason is increased weight gain in the abdomen. The cause is not just a lot of sitting and not a healthy diet (I can not resist the cakes and everything that is sweet).

At 50+, getting into menopause involves significant changes in the body such as hormonal changes, slowing down the metabolism causing weight gain around the stomach. Due to the lack of physical activity, the abdominal skin becomes relaxed, the tone of the muscle decreases. All of this is known to us, but I want to try out a new dress at a shopping mall once. And I was  shocked by the appearance in the mirror and the first thought was ˝OMG when did all this accumulate, it does not look attractive.”  I’m 50+ and I do not want to look like this.

The second thought is “I’m just starting with stomach exercises”.

There are no new dresses until we get the result. Of course, change your diet too.

That was my choice that still lasts, I do not think it should stop.


Everyday stomach exercises bring results, feelings of satisfaction and act as an elixir.

You can practice at home or go to a gym or fitness center. Of course, there are some yoga exercises, but this post is dedicated to stomach exercises.

In the beginning, do a shorter exercise until the muscles start to tighten a bit (for the first few days I felt light muscle weakness, which was a good sign of muscle activation), after several days you can prolong your exercise time. For stomach exercise, 15-20 minutes daily is enough.


If you have decided for a gym or a fitness center, you will arrange exercises with your coach.

When I am writing about abdominal exercises, other muscles will activate not just abdominal.


You will see in the video and get more desire to start exercising right away.

After a month of abdominal exercises, you will surely see and feel the changes in the body. You will work on metabolism, circulation will be better, gain more energy that will affect your body. This will give you motivation to continue practicing because the body needs physical activity.

Let’s start thinking about the years to come, we have two options, the choice depends on us.



Before running the video, which I want to give you as a motivation to do the exercises, I want to keep your attention on the few more problems you will avoid by exercising.

You will reduce the risk of developing some of the diseases such as type 2 diabetes, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, muscle and bone weakness. Exercises will improve your health and quality of life.

Do not quit when you seem to have no changes, your body needs time to adapt to the new regime and remember your dress from the beginning of the text. With stomach exercises and a healthier diet (I will write about it in the next post) a new dress will look perfect on you.

I know how hard it is and how I felt, so you have full support from me.

The most important of all is what you want and you will not give up.

So let’s go together!




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Yes it is harder as we get older and this is not only a woman’s problem. A big stomach on a man is not too pretty either.
I find it easier to get my exercise done first thing in the morning as I never know what my day will end up like.
Besides getting it out of the way early I believe it also kick starts and speeds up the metabolism.
Double whammy!


Hey there, I think your website is very well organized. It is very useful for people who want to excercise and be in a good shape.


Yes after 50 s women tend to develop excess fat especially in the belly and then they start hating their body and sometimes it leads to not just being physically inactive but also mentally inactive… Very healthy and energetic post


Yes, menopause really pulls a number on us, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that one woman in the photo is really 74!! Wish I could look like that. Sadly, I have a very bad back and can’t do much in the way of ab exercises.


Great post and encouragement to keep doing those exercises that none of us like to do. They are well worth the time and effort. You’re right that so much online focus is on women under 50. Bravo to you for offering solutions for women over 50! Keeping strong muscles is important to me, b/c I plan to live a long life in excellent health. Great post, video, and website!


This is a great article. The stomach is an import part of the body to keep in shape. One of the reasons is to keep your spine healthy. I have low back problems and when I go to physical therapy I always work on my core. The stronger my core the less pressure on my low back. Plus the benefits you mention of reducing the risk of certain health diseases like diabetes from working is a sure reason to get started. Thanks for this article and the video.

travel and treatz

I’m in my 30s and i’ll take it! #thestruggleisreal at all AGES!
Thanks for sharing!