Squats heal the heart, tighten the legs, prevent aging

If you want your heart to always work as a clock, begin to do squats today.

The one who decided not to practice, as if he had decided to retire at the age of 45. The body is old if it is not kept, but not because of the years that reached it.

So, if you want tighten legs, do squats. If you do squats, your body prevents aging and your heart remains healthy.

The heart is a large pump that sends blood to the legs (large circulation) and into the brain (small circulation). Then the venous flow begins because the blood against the law of gravity from the legs returns to the heart. Vene helps returns the blood in the heart, and the speed of returning to the heart depends on the condition of the leg muscles.

Because of this, the leg muscles must be in good shape to make the heart well.

However, many of us half a day are sitting, making it harder for heart work and make conditions for illness. The most common problem for even younger people is the lack of oxygen in the blood, caused by a small physical activity.

Weak legs mean a weak heart. That’s why it is recommended that you have a simple exercise every day: squats! Squats keep the leg muscles and blood vessels in perfect shape, which contributes to faster blood flow to the heart.

It is very important when you are exhaling during the performance of the squats say for a long: haaaa. With these exhalations, all negative energy should come out of your body.

A physically healthy person should make three sets of 10 squats on the first day. When the squats are concerned you should not overdo it. No rush. Slowly do this exercise and do not force your body to make too many squats in the first few days.

Squats can be performed during the day in three series, three times a day for ten squats. Slowly increase the number of squats as you feel your body can handle it.

For those who sit a lot of time during the day, squats are necessary. This exercise can replace hiking, swimming, running….

When you are finished with the squats, try to put your feet in cold water for a period of time of 5 to 10 seconds and then scrap them with a wipe it with a towel.

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