Never Accept Bad Coffee, Bad Friends, And Bad Man

There are spheres in which you never have to accept mediocrity. Some things you have to do for some better things.

Being indifferent – not good. People want you to always be theirs, to float and accept all of the things. Maybe in some spheres of life is so good, but certainly not at all.

There are spheres in which you never have to accept mediocrity. For some things, you have to fight. People who do not know how tolive as they want, forcing you to feel bad about something you are looking for.They can call you a trap, selfish – just because of fighting for things whatmakes you happy.

And if you’re always worried about what others think of you, then you will have a very quiet and very boring life.

If your passion for life scares people, release her. If your energy is too big for someone, solve them.

Your life should be a reflection of what you love most and what makes you happy. You should not be afraid to say that. If you act like you do not care, then you will get from life to you, which you do not care about. Everything is simple.

There are a million other things you can not control, and you have to forget about it. It is usually related to other people and what they think, feel and do. You should not expect anything from others because it can not affect the other, and not change what they are doing.

You can change exactly what you allow in your life.

You can control the level of life you want to live.

That’s why you will not be with the bad friends’ use only for the company to drink. You will not keep a bad man who never keeps your word and forces you to wait. And you will never agree with the bad coffee. It’s better to pay a few extra cents and buy yourself something really delicious.

Life is too short to lose energy on the things that drain you. Stop being indifferent.

Focus on what you can do to be happy.


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