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Jamaica is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world with the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, Montego Bay.

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, 90 miles south of Cuba and 118 miles west of Haiti.

From the Blue Mountains stretching from east to west, there is a spectacular view.



History of Jamaica

For centuries, Jamaica was plundered by Spanish invaders, later in the 17th century by the British. After that, the Jews coming and stayed in Jamaica, so the largest companies in Jamaica were of Jewish origin.

Jamaica has gained independence in 1962 but remains part of the British Commonwealth.


Culture and Attractions

Jamaica is a small Island with a great cultural tradition.

Jamaican music is so recognizable and very influential in the world music.

The influence of culture is present in all segments, art, food, some of the local films have become world famous. Nature lovers on this wonderful  Island will find their paradise in

a variety of indigenous herbs, trees, flowers, animals, and birds.                      

Jamaica has several shrines where you can observe birds,

there are about 300 species and 29 endemic species.

Blue Mountains provides sanctuary for 95% of Jamaica’s endemic birds.



There are several-day tourist sightseeing tours of bird watching, rafting can also be included in the Rio Grande and Black River Safari, followed by city and village tours.

These are some more attractions that you can explore in Jamaica:

  • Bath Fountain Mineral Springs
  • Black River Safari Tour
  • Blue Mountain hike/coffee tour                       
  • Bob Marley’s Culture Yard
  • Bob Marley’s Museum
  • Charles Town Maroon Village
  • Dunns River Falls
  • Moore Town Maroon Village
  • Reich Falls
  • Rio Grande Rafting
  • Summerset Falls


Is Jamaica Safe to Visit?

Foreign media often write about insecurity and crimes in Jamaica. About 2 500 000 people living in Jamaica very few of them seeing some violence. Tourists who were traveling around the world said they felt more insecure in parts of London, Miami, Caracas, or New York than in Jamaica..

This is their advice:

So only advice to visitors who want to travel around the island and experience the real Jamaica is to get advice from local Jamaicans as to where not to go before you set off on exploring Jamaica.


Weather in Jamaica

Rainy season is from May to October …

Best weather in Jamaica is from December to April.

Jamaica is in the Atlantic hurricane belt, so from June to November, we are on hurricane watch.

November, if don’t get any hurricanes, is usually a pretty good month as well.

Average temperatures in Jamaica are fairly constant throughout the year. Around the coastal plains, the temperature is usually about 70°F – 90°F.


Where to make your special memories?

Jamaica is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world.  your dreams come true on the island.

From warm river swims, hiking to the misty Blue Mountaintops, enjoying on the beach explore Jamaica and find its spirit.

Explore Montego Bay

World-class Service at Half Moon- Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world. The most beautiful places in the Caribbean, Montego Bay.https://booki.ng/2JCNh6dhttps://beautyfiftyplus.com/explore-jamaica

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If you like lying on perfectly white, sandy beaches with cold delicious drinks, love the sun and blue sky – Montego Bay is your ideal destination.

Montego Bay is a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet-and-dry climate, characterized by a wet season from May to November,

Known as one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, Montego Bay have many historical houses and chateaus for you to enjoy and you’ll never be without something amazing to see.

Here are some activities and attractions:



1.The Good Hope Estate – Jamaican tour company has converted the grounds of historic Good Hope Estate into a playground for thrillseekers while preserving the stately home for tours. Ziplining, ATV tours, river tubing, and a challenge course are part of the tour package, which also includes a house tour, rum tasting, and a chance to dip into the estate pool.


Photo: Bioluminescent waters, Source: Visit Jamaica

2. Glow for It at the Luminous Lagoon –  famous bioluminescent bay is a fun nighttime experience — the darker the night, the better. Tour boats and cruise into a quiet corner of the lagoon inhabited by microscopic sea creatures that light up in response to movement. It’s cool enough to see the effect when the boat moves through the water, but the real thrills happen when you jump in and see the glowing swirls and eddies created when you move your hands and feet.

Photo: Scotchie’s, Source: Tripsavvy

3. Go to Scotchie’s or the Port Pit – Spicy Jamaican jerk cuisine is world famous, and Montego Bay has two of the best purveyors on the planet. Scotchie’s is a tumbledown roadside stand serving jerk chicken, pork, and fish with sides of yam, breadfruit, rice & peas, and festivals. The backyard flavor of the place is enhanced with an open bar where you can order Red Stripes and rum drinks to sip on chairs made from old beer kegs.


Photo: Rose Hall Great House, Source: Rose Hall

4. By Any Name, Rose Hall Great House Tells a Ghostly Story – day and night tours of the majestic Rose Hall Great House are available, but we’d recommend the evening tour to set the proper mood for the story of this haunted 1770 plantation hour’s dark history. The former dungeon, where slaves were held for punishment by the cruel White Witch of Rose Hall, a plantation owner’s wife, is now a pub.


Photo: Montego Bay Cultural Centre, Source: Montego Bay Cultural Centre

5. Experience the Art of Jamaica at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre – The Montego Bay Cultural Centre is the fine-arts capital of western Jamaica and includes both a gallery and museum containing paintings, sculptures, and other works celebrating the island’s rich culture.


Photo: Appleton Estate 21-year Rum, Source: Tripsavvy

Savor the Flavor of an Appleton Estate Rum Tour – Jamaica and Barbados hotly contest for the title of rum capital of the Caribbean, but when in Jamaica the clear rum champ is Appleton Estate, which produces fine mixing rums as well as sublime sippers. It’s two hours on back roads from MoBay to the estate, but once you’re there you can tour the distillery, sample a variety of rums.

The most beautiful places in the Caribbean, Montego Bay at Catalog of the World

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Hello Maja, wow this looks so beautiful.. I have not been to Jamaica..and would really love to see it. I have friends from this lovely place. Thank you so much for sharing . And its true we have heard about the violence there, but it seems to be more fear based, yes?
So loved the pictures here too.
In peace and gratitude, ariel


What a wonderful place you have invited us to “travel” to here Maja!
The Bio-luminescent bay sounds so magical!
Surprised to hear that the Jews got to Jamaica too….(or not lol)…
Thank you for this wonderful article. Really enjoyed “travel-reading” with you.
All the best -Orion