Enjoy in Saint Peter, Barbados

The Barbados “Platinum Coast,” which extends through Saint Peter and make Saint Peter a tourist hot place with white sand beaches, including those along Mullins Bay.

As you explore St. Peter large tourist site you’ll discover quaint fishing villages along with many excellent beaches and dive spots.

Saint Peter is one of eleven parishes with rolling hills and terraces.  There they are the Port St. Charles and Port Ferdinand marinas, Schooner Bay and St. Peter’s Bay.

When you come to Barbados you will usually fly along the west coast of the island for a wonderful view of the calm Caribbean Sea coastline and you will be greeted with a warm welcome.

Among the restricted items are all fruits, vegetables, plants, cuttings, seeds or unprocessed plant products must be declared to customs and presented for inspection.

If you’re planning to bring a drone  you can contact the Telecoms Unit directly at winston.devonish@telecoms.gov.bb

The Telecoms Units, which overseas drone usage licensing, advises that you must provide evidence that the drone will be re-exported from Barbados. Customs will, upon arrival, make an assessment on a case-by-case basis, and if approved, refer to the Telecoms Unit to obtain a license to fly the drone in Barbados.


At Saint Peter’s Bay, an array of culinary options are available, like The Gazebo Bar & Grill (simple and delicious cuisine), Restaurant & Bar Lounge at Port Ferdinand (,French influence with Caribbean flair – ‘Food with Soul’) , The Quarterdeck Bar & Pizzeria  (Pizzeria, Antipasto and Sandwiches). No matter the location, genuine Barbadian hospitality, and excellent food are the highlight of the experience.



Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, significant birthday or another one of life’s milestones, Saint Peter’s Bay Luxury Resort and Residences in Barbados offers a variety of event spaces to choose from.

Legend Garden Condos is 1 minute walk from the beach. It’s a small, quaint property of nine apartments, bent towards making its guests experience real Bajan living.


The Legend Garden Condos
Legend Garden Condos beach


The friendly and capable team at The Legend are indeed the secret ingredients in this small acre of paradise.

Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 9.4 for a two-person trip.

This property is also rated for the best value in Saint Peter! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in this city.



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Woow, Barbados “Platinum Coast” looks very nice. I like the post with a lot of good information, accommodation, restaurants, visiting the fishing villages and exploring the islands. Great work. Go ahead!


It’s a beautiful place!