Backpacker Over Fifty

Why is it nice to travel when you over fifty?

I believe most people over 50 love to travel.

One thing is for sure, backpackers over 50 have their lives. Children have grown up, the finances are stable and it’s time to see the countries which you want and to meet new people. If you have a job at one place, go on vacation. If you have the ability to do your job online, then you just need a good Internet connection and you can work anywhere in the world. Being backpacker over 50 is the best thing you will do in your life. You never forget traveling and it always stays in the heart.

As Pat Conroy said:

„Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.“

Venice (Italy)

I am a great travel fan, traveled in my twenties, visited some states in Europe, and I still remember all of this travels. After that came the children, in my country started a war and I had no opportunity to travel. Then my 15 years went without some further travel. After that, the kids grew up, became independent and my bigger trip was in the 40’s. I  visited New Zealand because my daughter went to live there. It was a wonderful trip and one of the most beautiful countries that I saw. I would like to come back again, there is always something I want to see more but there are so many beautiful countries I still want to visit.

Beautiful New Zealand


Today we have more chance to travel. The journeys are not too expensive as few years ago. These days we have a great choice of cheap flights and cheap accommodation options. Great choice at very affordable prices can be found in hotels, hostels, AIRBNB, Workaway….

How to choose a travel destination as a backpacker over fifty?

It’s nice to listen stories about traveling from other people,  listen to opinion from your children, but choosing a destination yourself.

I believe that each of us has a desire to go somewhere, to travel, to meet new cultures. Depending on your possibility, you decide on which way your trip will go.

Two years ago I received such a cheap travel offer to Antalya (Turkey). At that time, in another part of Turkey,  was a turmoil, and it was very unsafe to travel. We watched this on TV and red in Newspaper. Of course, I went there, backpacker over fifty, to meet a new world and another culture. At that part of the country were no incident and my travel went fine. Did I risk myself? No,  I knew I was going to the part that was safer. Did we risk in our life sometimes in other things? Occasionally, have the incident in all parts of the world, in places where we live, and we don’t stop living because of that.

My trip to Antalya (Turkey)


Will you take your travel by the agency or will you take a plan and book all for yourself it depends about your wishes and possibilities. I traveled with the agencies that offered me very favorable arrangements, but I traveled in my own arrangements too, which means I booked the flight, found a cheap hotel and studied all the places I want to go and see.

When you book flights and accommodation yourself, check out all the possibilities. All companies occasionally give offer with percentage discount on certain dates, which is the time to book a ticket or accommodation.


Kos Island (Greece)


Hippocrates “Father of Medicine” was born on Kos Island


If you subscribe to the newsletter on booking portals, you will receive favorable offers directly to your mail.

This is a part of the story about backpackers over fifty. I know if you are fifty plus, like me, you want to see and meet the wonderful world – do not wait for a better time. The best time is now, believe me.

To be a backpacker is a beautiful part of life, but even more beautiful is to be a backpacker over fifty.

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I love the travel bug! it is the best ‘infection’ I have ever contracted and I choose to keep it healthy within my body.
I too started early, travelled a lot in my 20’s and then kids came…so stopped for 17 years….and now being over 50…yes…travel is available again, but this time I am doing it more in style, I guess I have become “spoiled” in my advanced young age. Backpacking and youth hostels are not quite my thing anymore…but there are some good quality deals nowadays…so it can work on a budget too!
Thanks for reminding me of some good old times!


Hi Maja, What amazing pictures you’ve taken on your travels. I had no idea that Turkey was so beautiful. It is good that you were safe there in your travels away from the issues. Brave to go, travel backpacking. I hope to travel across Canada with hubby and our teenagers and small dogs. There is so much to see, and I love road trips. I am not as big of a fan of flying though. Thanks for sharing!

Shelley Atkinson

I am over 50 and would love to travel. Your photos make it very enticing, though with everything going on in the world, I am hesitant to do so. You look like you are having so much fun!

Maybe one day I will visit New Zealand also. It looks beautiful!

P Clive Robinson

Maja, I love those pics from New Zealand. I was born there and lived most of my early life there before coming to the US. Those pics sparked and old, good place in my heart. Thanks!


Hi Maja. I love traveling!! We did a lot of camping when we raised our children, but now that they are all grown and married, we try to get away ourselves. We’ve visited a few countries, but there’s still so much I want to see. God willing, we’ll be able to.


Maja, Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos you took during your travels. When I travel, I always make sure to take plenty of photo’s. You could be looking at the photo’s years later, and it takes you right back to that vacation. It is always fun to see different cultures and try all the great foods. Lisa


Hello Maja. I believe most of us love to travel. I travelled quite a bit in my twenties and like many of us here, children came along, halted the plans. But I managed a holiday with my children to Melbourne 2 years ago and now, they are asking for more! Financially can be a problem. Well, I have to work harder then.
Thanks for sharing your story. It makes me want to travel more and more…