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I am Maja, in naturally very curious, versatile, I love to learn, so I am a woman with lots of ideas, some of them I realize. I like traveling, music, a positive attitude and how I like to say everything that young people love, haha. I am a health worker with 38 years of working experience, as I like cosmetic I finished my courses and worked on creating personal care creams, shampoos, and soaps for me and my friends.

I’m a woman like you, with virtues and flaws, I „carry” my wrinkles, excess pounds, some cellulite, and a smile on my face.

So if you read this text, I guess you belong to my group – a woman fifty plus. Whether you are 50, 60, 70 or more, it seems that our generations have in some way been neglected on the Internet.

I spent a lot of time teaching and working on the Internet, watching news about cosmetics, reading about healthy diets, nutritional supplements and what do I find mostly little for women of our age.

The structure of female skin in mature age differs from girls, and most commercials refer to young women. Of course, it is nice to see a young woman in the commercial but the cosmetic industry cannot tell me that this cream, oil, serum …is equally useful and meets the age of 25 as well as the age fifty plus.

It’s the same with food. Metabolism slows down with years, hormone reduction affects a lot of things, pounds as if they are “paste” for our body. Muscles lose weight.

What do years mean if we feel good, if we are happy,  keep our health, nourish the skin, have a beauty? Years are just numbers I think and that’s why I’ve invested a lot of time to find what is good for me and my skin. Good advice, quality cosmetics, nutritional supplements, exercises and a lot of travel 🙂 …

And finally, I found quality skin care products but also inner satisfaction for a good look.

Why are some ingredients in preparations special for beauty fifty plus? What, why, how….. you stay here or watch my website at any time, I will share my experience, information about beauty, tips, and everything that can be useful to be healthy beautiful and nurtured in our fifty plus.

And like Christian Dior said, “After a woman, flowers are the most beautiful  thing God has given to the world.”


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